To learn or deepen Blender you can participate in our course (free for all workshop participants) useful for obtaining a good knowledge of the software.

Basic Blender Course

8 hours / online / it will be possible to attend the course live or recorded

IN ENGLISH WEDNESDAY 21 July 2021 – h 9:00\13:00 and FRIDAY 23 July 2021 h 14:30\ 18:30 ( NEW TIME DUE A THESIS SESSION IN BRERA)

(IN ITALIANO MARTEDI’ 20 luglio 2021- h 9:00\13:00 e GIOVEDI’ 22 luglio 2021 h 14:30)



The first phase of a 3D project is the creation of a three-dimensional model starting from Euclidean solids, from scratch or from a drawing previously made with Cad software. It is also possible to import and modify objects and architectures acquired from the network. Keywords: Modeling for objects, parametric, from Cad; Import and export of 2d and 3d models

Materials and textures

Materials (Shaders) must be applied to the three-dimensional model, which can be very simple or extremely sophisticated. It is possible to create the material from scratch, or to import it from one of the numerous libraries freely available on the net. Keywords: materials; procedural and image textures; Image mapping and unwrapping


In a 3d scene light sources must be inserted. These are positioned reasoning as in a photographic studio, obtaining good lighting requires some care but allows excellent results. Keywords: Color and Light; Indoor and outdoor lighting. Issuing materials; unbiased rendering with Cycle

Photography and photo shooting

The choice of camera positioning allows you to tell the project in the best way. The “photographer’s glance” depends on talent and experience, but also on some rules and techniques that also apply to the creation of a render. Keywords: virtual cameras, depth of field, photographic composition.

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