Inscription and costs

It will be possible to participate in the workshop in ONLINE or PRESENCE mode

All the workshop activities will still be FULLY usable through the Web.

Online activities are 100% certain – The face-to-face activities will be organized according to the health situation in place at the time of the Workshop. (Write to us for any clarification you may be interested in)

If you participate in the Workshop you can:

  1. Attend the ONLINE BLENDER COURSE that will precede the workshop. The course is not mandatory (if you already know the program) and is designed to obtain adequate knowledge of Blender to successfully participate in workshops.
  2. Attend the ON-LINE Cluster conferences
  3. Attend the project workshop alone or in a group, with project reviews and Blender tutoring. You will carry out the project using the extraordinary hyper-realistic models of the project areas provided by us, created through photogrammetric three-dimensional modeling.
  4. Present your work to the juries of experts and that of the participants and be evaluated among the best projects of the Workshop

If you decide to participate in person:

You can create yourself, with our help, the 3d models (through photogrammetric scanning software) within you will realize your project and, of course, experience and get to know the city of Cortona, visit in person the project areas such as the MAEC Museum and the gardens of the Girifalco Castle.

Note: Internet connection is required and is the responsibility and responsibility of the participants whether they are online or in attendance.


To participate in the Workshop you will need to:

Step 1

Fill in the REGISTRATION FORM for the workshop that you can find at this link. We will then send you the instructions necessary to complete the next steps to the email you have indicated. Payments can be made by bank transfer or Paypal

Step 2

Pay the registration fee for the cultural association. Registration allows you to participate in all the association’s initiatives for the year 2022 and above all, free of charge, in the 16-hour online Blender course preparatory to the workshop.

Pay the fee for teaching materials. This fee is paid as a fee for the realization of the 3d models that will be provided to you and within which you will develop your project. It allows us to hold the workshop, without taking advantage of any other form of financing. For more than ten years we have been carrying out the workshop only thanks to the support of the participants.

There is no further registration fee for the workshop for students of Politecnico di Milano, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Universidad de Zaragoza, Esda. On the other hand, for professionals and faculty students who do not recognize educational credits, there is a registration fee to be added

Write us if you are interested in requesting that your faculty recognize training credits for our workshop

A special agreement is being defined with the school for students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino, but reserved only for a limited number of members. Contact us for details and updates

Step 3

It is possible to participate in the workshop online or in person.

In case of online participation, you simply need to make sure that you have an internet connection available for the duration of the workshop.

In case of participation in presence, you will have to organize the trip and your stay in Cortona. Travel, accommodation, insurance and internet connection costs are charged to the participants. Participants “in presence” will be able to work in their accommodation and / or in the classrooms made available and / or in the courtyards and open spaces of the Girifalco Castle. This obviously depends on the health situation in place at the time of the workshop. The organization, although it cannot organize or be responsible for the travel and accommodation of the participants, will still provide all the necessary suggestions, advice and logistical support and will always be present and supportive for any eventuality.

A travel insurance is strongly recommended!

DEADLINE: registration must be completed, and all payments must be made by 30 June


To participate in person: internet connection, travel, room and board and medical insurance are at the expense and responsibility of the participants.

Through the most famous sites (Booking; Trivago; Air B&B) participants can choose a Hotel or B&B in Cortona in one of the countless solutions offered by the city. Cortona, however, is a tourist city so it is STRONGLY recommended to book early and with the possibility of cancellation in case of health emergencies. Any accommodation within the city walls or in its immediate vicinity allows you to easily reach the places where the Workshop takes place. It is also possible to stay overnight in the surroundings of Cortona and go back and forth every day from Cortona by car or public transport. It is not very easy but still feasible.

The organization, although it cannot organize or be responsible for the travel and accommodation of the participants, will still provide all the necessary suggestions, advice and logistical support and will always be present and support for any eventuality.

TRAVEL BY CAR – Cortona can be reached by car (A1 motorway, Valdichiana exit) in about four hours from Milan. The car can then be left safely parked for the entire workshop in one of the free parking spaces outside the walls. In Cortona you can move on foot, it’s lovely. TRAVEL BY TRAIN – There are direct trains from Milan to Terontola-Cortona. You can also travel to Florence or Arezzo and then a regional train to Camucia-Cortona station (closest) or Terontola-Cortona (with more connections). Once there, you can then take a bus, or a shuttle, or a taxi) which takes you to Cortona in about 15 minutes. It is advisable to book the train in advance to take advantage of the lowest fares, by booking early you will find tickets for 19 euros from Milan. TRAVEL BY PLANE The closest airport is Perugia, from here you can reach Cortona by taxi, regional train or bus.

Write us for any information or clarification, we will gladly answer you: CONTACTS