What do you learn?

What can you learn by participating in the COrtonaOPen3d?

  • Blender fundamentals during July’s online course (free for workshop attendees)
  • Advanced Blender techniques during the workshop
  • 3D digital photo modeling
  • Designing for cultural heritage

How do you learn?

  1. Designing within a hyperrealistic virtual model of the project area that will be provided by the organization followed by us and by our expert Blender tutors who, throughout the project, will follow you both from a technical and the design one.
  2. Following the lessons organized in CLUSTERS of about four hours each which will deal in depth with the different themes of the workshop with numerous external contributions from architects, artists, local administrators, blenderists, professors and digital technicians.


Advanced and Basic Blender techniques

Lectures to the most advanced and innovative techniques of this extraordinary software

Render and 3D photography

Lectures dedicated to photography, its relationship with the way of rendering and its use in 3D digital modeling techniques

Designing for Cultural Heritage

Lectures dedicated to introductions on COrtona and on the relationship between the contemporary and the contexts of Cultural Heritage


it will be provided to you by the organization in Blender format and you will be able to work and design within it. In the various phases of the project you will be guided and supported by us for the more strictly design side and by our super-expert tutors for the more technical part of working with Blender.

By clicking on the images you can browse some examples of models (made for the web in low quality) you will receive a model similar to these of the project areas, but in high quality



  • CLUSTER 01 _ Cortona: inside the city walls _ Stories, stories and analyzes of the city of Cortona, its cultural heritage, business realities and its territorial context.
  • CLUSTER 02 _ Designing for Culture _ Innovative design, art and architecture projects in the contexts of Cultural Heritage
  • CLUSTER 03 _ Is it buid? The image in the digital age _ New communication trends of the project through photography and rendering
  • CLUSTER 04 _ Fractals _ The artifacts to design in the times of the digital revolution ; Advanced Blender, Digital parametric design and 3d printing

This page will have constant updates (which you can obviously follow here or on our Instagram and Facebook pages) as the program, already defined, is defined in detail.

Let’s build together